Cooperation Programme ICPS young professionals: internship and participation in research

ICPS welcomes young professionals to improve skills during internship at the Centre and experienced experts to work with the Center on joint research.
There are two programs of cooperation with freelance, internship program (internship); Implementation of joint research program (fellowship).

Internship program


To pass the internship program at ICPS invited students of Ukrainian and foreign higher educational institutions enrolled in the last year to gain educational qualification of a bachelor's or higher or have recently completed their training and are willing to undergo training in the analytical center.

Term of internship

The term internship is determined depending on the needs of the project, which is expected to attract interns, and in each case determined separately. The maximum period of internship does not exceed 3 months. The term internship that was defined initially, may be extended, but so that the total duration was less than 3 months.

Organization of internship

Each intern is involved in a specific project that implements ICPS, or to specific operating (current) of the Center. Intern assigned to individual employees ICPS, who plays his supervisor.
Curator together with intern intern up a work plan for the period of probation, determined pending the results of the internship and co-ordinate work schedule. Curator with an intern responsible for the implementation of the work plan and achieve results.
The procedure for nominations for the internship announcement of the opening of the competition to a specific position (position) intern posted on the website ICPS Center official pages on social networks, and can be circulated to the ICPS partner universities and other partner organizations. Potential candidates may also send your resume and cover letter, which refers to their expectations of passing internship program at ICPS without declaring the opening of the contest. These resumes will be considered during the selection of candidates in the course of the next contest for the position of intern.
Email resume to be sent to: [email protected]


Benefits received by intern during the internship ICPS

  • Intern gets access to direct cooperation with experts ICPS, information and resource base ICPS and the ability to participate in public events and trainings conducted by ICPS more.
  • After training at ICPS and if it is successful intern awarded a certificate of internship; if necessary, can also be awarded a letter of recommendation.
  • ICPS internship is not paid, but the interns who have successfully completed training may in future be involved as a paid expert of the Center, and have advantages in the case of a competition for vacant positions ICPS.

Program implementation of joint research


Studies ICPS accomplices may be a person or group of persons who will present their project or individual achievements of the project that interested and meet the ICPS strategic priorities of the organization. Complicity in research ICPS can be stationary or in correspondence.
The term participation in research ICPS
The term individual participation in research ICPS determined depending on the needs of the project, which is proposed to implement. The maximum period for fixed forms should not exceed 3 months. In exceptional cases and if the accessory Research has shown good results of the term of participation in research ICPS for stationary forms may be extended for a period of 3 months.

Organization of joint work on research

A separate employee is appointed ICPS responsible for interaction with the accomplice research. Accessory research, combined with the compliance officer to develop project documentation and submit it for approval to the Director of ICPS. After the joint research project with accessory compliance officer report on the work done.
The procedure for applications for participation in research ICPS
Potential candidates can send their resumes and proposals for joint projects without special contest announcement by email [email protected]. Benefits received by an accomplice Studies ICPS
Accessory Studies ICPS is able to implement their own branded ICPS research, and access to direct cooperation with experts ICPS, information and resource base ICPS opportunity to participate in public events and trainings conducted by ICPS more.
After participation in research ICPS accessory awarded a certificate of the project and a letter of recommendation.
Complicity in research ICPS is not paid, but people who have successfully implemented a project in the framework of such cooperation may in future be involved as an expert ICPS paid or to be invited to become full-time experts ICPS.